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Personalised Baby Sleep Coaching with Grace Walker

Gentle sleep solutions for your little ones

Begin the journey to tranquil nights; let me help you guide your little one to restful sleep.

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I'm Grace, your partner in healthy infant sleep

With over a decade of experience, I’ve transformed sleepless nights into peaceful slumbers for countless babies—and, of course, their grateful parents. I stumbled upon this passion when I saw my own little one struggle to find a sleep rhythm, and since that heart-tugging moment, I’ve dedicated myself to studying pediatric sleep science. I believe that every child has a unique sleep song, and I’m here to help you discover yours. My approach blends empathy, education, and empowerment to create sleep solutions as unique as your baby’s giggle. 


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Grace's approach

A nurturing approach to better sleep

At the heart of my philosophy lies the conviction that every infant’s sleep journey is as unique as their smile. In my approach, I blend warmth, wisdom, and the latest pediatric sleep research to create gentle, effective sleep strategies. I shun the ‘one-size-fits-all’ methodology and look at the big picture—your family’s routine, environment, and your baby’s individual temperament—to craft a bespoke plan. Together, we’ll nurture healthy sleep habits that respect your little one’s developmental needs and honor your family’s values. 


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Newborn sleep harmony consultation

Tailored strategies for parents to gently guide their newborns into a natural sleep cycle, fostering healthy sleep habits from the start.

Sleep environment optimization

In-home or virtual assessments to help create the ideal sleep setting for your infant, including advice on cribs, sound, lighting, and room setup.

Personalized infant sleep plans

Customized sleep training plans developed for infants, with ongoing support and adjustments to ensure a perfect fit for your baby’s unique sleep needs.

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